2023 Conference & Expo Agenda

8:00am - 8:30am | Registration, Expo Hall & Breakfast, Lobby

8:30am - 9:15am | Welcome & Opening Keynote with Eden Brukman, Chief Sustainability Officer for the County of San Diego, Guggenheim Theatre

9:15am - 9:45am | Expo Hall & Networking, Lobby

9:45am - 10:45am | Breakout Sessions, Guggenheim Theatre and Large & Small Executive Education Rooms (2nd Fl)

TRUE ESG, Waste No Time in Creating Business Value

Join this rapid-fire discussion between a General Contractor, Sustainability Consultant, Modular Space vendor, and RCI waste hauler / sorting facility on their TRUE and ESG experiences across North America. By embedding TRUE strategies into company policies, projects are able to successfully reduce carbon emissions on sites and in the community and "design out waste". Following the session, you will be able to contribute to your company's ESG narrative and be a model for "doing good through business".

Nurturing Sustainability in the Next Generation

This presentation will delve into the inspiring story of an architect and interior designer who partnered with a high school class at High Tech High Mesa to educate them on holistic and biophilic design. Together with their teacher, they embarked on a real fort project, where the students had the opportunity to apply their newfound knowledge and design and build an actual structure. Through this engaging experience, we will explore the power of hands-on, project-based learning in instilling sustainability principles in the next generation.

Design Strategies to Mitigate Climate Change

The session will explore real world examples of award-winning Schmidt Design Group projects that demonstrate how design strategies can be implemented to create positive change in our communities. With a focus on not only environmental sustainability, but also on social, economic, and cultural sustainability, the design strategies provide a comprehensive understanding of how to tackle extremely complex design problems associated with climate change.

10:45am - 11:15am | Expo Hall & Networking, Lobby

11:15am - 12:15pmBreakout Sessions, Guggenheim Theatre and Large & Small Executive Education Rooms (2nd Fl)

Regenerating Communities Through Life Science and ESG

The Research and Development District (RaDD) is poised to serve as a new model for a carbon-neutral lab district in an urban setting. Guiding principles include a comprehensive approach to ESG, and the pursuit of LEED BD+C C&S Gold Certification for each of the 5 buildings, as well as Fitwel Commercial Site Certification. The project prioritizes health and wellness, water efficiency and carbon emissions reductions. Diverse perspectives by owner/developer, designer/architect, and engineer will be discussed.

Building Portfolio Decarbonization Planning

This presentation will provide an overview of a building decarbonization analysis and planning process that leverages a machine-learning based approach to rapidly assess opportunities for decarbonization measures at the building and intervention level. This session will provide an overview of this process being used for several portfolios as well as an overview of the Department of Energy's recently released Emissions Reduction Planning Framework for Building Portfolios.

WELL for Residential Pilot Program

Health and well-being generates demand and yields healthy returns. In fact, 69% of homeowners prioritize physical and mental health more than they did a year ago. From addressing air and water quality to selecting safer materials, the WELL for Residential pilot includes over 100 impactful strategies that are applicable for single-family or multi-family developments to support health and well-being. Learn about the program and how your project can participate.

12:15pm - 1:30pm | Expo Hall & Lunch, Lobby (seating in Guggenheim Theatre or on 2nd Floor Patio)

1:30pm - 2:30pmBreakout Sessions, Guggenheim Theatre and Large & Small Executive Education Rooms (2nd Fl)

Wave of the Future: Water Reuse and Resilient Design

Chronic drought is limiting real estate development – but with resilient building design practices, it doesn’t have to. As we reimagine how buildings contribute to their environments and communities rather than taking from them – urban gardens, green walls, soft-scaping, and more. This stimulating conversation will bring together the perspectives of experienced AEC industry professionals as they discuss resilient building principles and the future of sustainable building design.

Equity-Focused Climate Action Through Customer Programs

The panel will explore how the County of San Diego is leveraging federal grant funding like the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant, how San Diego Community Power is accelerating adoption of clean energy technologies through its Community Clean Energy Innovation Grants program, and how the City of San Diego has partnered with SDG&E for a residential solar incentive program focused on lower-income neighborhoods most at risk of climate impacts. Additionally, the panelists will speak on broader climate action planning initiatives and how customer programs tie into these broader goals.

Embodied Carbon of MEP Systems

Mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) systems have traditionally been left out of embodied carbon conversations, but they can be a huge part of the overall footprint. In 2021, Introba published “CIBSE Technical Manual (TM) 65: Embodied carbon in building services: a calculation methodology.” In August 2023, ASHRAE is releasing “TM65 for North America” which tailors this calculation methodology to the North American context. Join this session to learn more.

2:30pm - 3:00pm | Expo Hall & Networking, Lobby

3:00pm - 4:00pmBreakout Sessions, Guggenheim Theatre and Large & Small Executive Education Rooms (2nd Fl)

The 3-Legged Stool of Decarbonization Will Be Built Out of Mass Timber

The ‘Sustainable 3-Legged Stool’ that balances economy, community, and the environment has been a goal out of reach for most projects that infill our cities. However, the gap in our ability to meet this often-difficult hurdle has closed dramatically with the code adoption of Tall Mass Timber. These structural systems have roughly 50% less embodied-carbon and with proper foresting approaches traps even more carbon. Learn how to effectively implement this system by recognizing and applying special considerations early in the process.

Alternative Building Materials, San Diego Case Study

The panelists will present an overview of green materials used in residential and commercial designs. They will share a Southern California single family home currently under construction as a case study. They will discuss the design concept, the sustainable design strategies, and the victories and the struggles of getting a house made from recycled Styrofoam permitted in San Diego County.

Wastewater's Role in Addressing Decarbonization and Water Quality & Quantity

A key element in building for the future with an eye for resilience is the way we manage water, both water quality and quantity. Building decentralized, off-sewer and off-energy grid wastewater treatment will help communities and industries to address these challenges. This session will share how the wastewater treatment technology is applied, using a case study with Aspen Distillers, a greenfield distillery aiming to become the world’s first Living Distillery. The water produced at the distillery is treated for agricultural reuse on an adjacent farm and returning higher quality water to a critically water-stressed basin.

4:00pm - 4:30pm | Expo Hall, Lobby

4:00pm - 6:00pm | Reception, Lobby and 2nd Floor Patio

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