Nurturing Sustainability in the Next Generation

Friday, October 27 

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This presentation will delve into the inspiring story of an architect and interior designer who partnered with a high school class at High Tech High Mesa to educate them on holistic and biophilic design. Together with their teacher, they embarked on a real fort project, where the students had the opportunity to apply their newfound knowledge and design and build an actual structure. Through this engaging experience, we will explore the power of hands-on, project-based learning in instilling sustainability principles in the next generation.


Melanie Mackay

Math Teacher-Integrated 10th Grade Math at High Tech High Mesa

Melanie Mackay teaches integrated 10th grade math at High Tech High Mesa, a project based learning school. Passionate about empowering and equipping the future generation, she seeks to get kids active in their learning in hopes that they will shape their communities for good!


Steffi Reyes-Thomas

Afro-Chicana Holistic Designer and Regenerative Creation Artist

Steffi is an Afro-Chicana Holistic Designer and regenerative creation artist. She is focused on wellness in the built-environment and regenerative practices as Founder & Chief of Holistic-Spaces Design Consultancy. She is currently working on both physical and digital spaces. Steffi offers energetic space clearing, climate discussion techniques, 3D modeling and holistic design literacy.


Elizabeth Carmichael

Founder at ECOhouse

Elizabeth Carmichael is the visionary founder of ECOhouse, dedicated to pioneering ecologically responsible architecture and development. Her commitment to minimizing environmental impact while maximizing benefits for occupants, communities, and developers defines ECOhouse's ethos.  Her influence spans esteemed conferences like AIA National and Living Future.  Through ECOhouse, Elizabeth envisions ECOlogical Habitats Of Urban Sustainable Experiences(TM), shaping a greener tomorrow.



October 27, 2023 at 9:45am - 10:45am

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