To champion sustainable projects and leadership in San Diego through community recognition.


Unleash the Power of Recognition: Celebrating Visionaries and Sustainable Triumphs!

Nomination Extravaganza

Get ready for a sustainable sensation! The SDGBC Sustainability Awards are back, and this time, it's all about YOU! We're shaking things up - no more formal submissions; it's time to shout out the amazing projects and leaders in our community. Nominate now and let's turn the spotlight on those who are changing the game!

Dive into the Green Glory - Nominate in these (suggested only!) categories:

  • Sustainable Marvels (Certification Systems): Nominate projects that are rewriting the sustainability rulebook. From groundbreaking designs to awe-inspiring operations, every nomination is a step towards a greener future.
    • Sustainable New Construction
    • Sustainable Interiors/Tenant Improvement
    • Sustainable Operations
    • Sustainable Residential
    • Sustainable Neighborhood Development / District
    • Sustainable Health & Wellbeing
    • Sustainable Sites
    • Parksmart Innovators
    • Sustainable Building Performance Stars
  • Leadership Legend
    • Outstanding individuals, companies or organizations showcasing exceptional leadership in the green buildings realm. It could be the groundbreakers, the steady rocks, or anyone in between! Nominate those who've steered the community towards a sustainable future, whether they're blazing new trails or standing strong as community pillars.  
  • Metrics & Research Mastery
    • Zero Net Energy
    • Energy Use Intensity (EUI)
    • Zero Net Water
    • Zero Net Waste
    • Low Embodied Carbon
    • Metrics & Research
  • Sustainable Design Detail/System Maverick
    • In the heartbeat of sustainability lies the intricate dance of design details and systems. It is time to honor the unsung heroes, the details that make a project not just green but brilliantly sustainable. From innovative construction techniques to energy-efficient marvels, this category celebrates the nuts and bolts of sustainability. Whether it's a groundbreaking design detail or a meticulously planned system, it's time to shine a spotlight on the microcosms that collectively shape a greener future!

Nominate your favorites and let the green celebration begin!


We're casting the net wide!  Any project in San Diego County or Tijuana is fair game. Even if it's beyond our county lines, if it was crafted by the genius minds of San Diego, it's in!  Nominate your own marvel or tip your hat to others - architects, landscape architects, engineers, contractors, clients, or owners. Everyone's invited!

Submission Instructions

Nomination is a breeze! Email the project details to [email protected]. Include as much Project Information as possible, Project Narrative, Image slides (download the PowerPoint submittal template here), and the Photo Release Form (download here). Oh, and did we mention, it's absolutely FREE to nominate?


Hold onto your green hats!

Submission deadline: January 12, 2024 (Hurry the clock is ticking!)

Awards Unveiled at the 'Spring into the New Year' Celebration: February 1, 2024

Please Note

Nominate fearlessly! There's no cost to play, and winning entries will be hailed far and wide. Our judges are on the lookout for those who embody innovation, creativity, and the epitome of good design. Every nomination is a step closer to a greener, more vibrant tomorrow!

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