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The Building Positive Movement (BPM) exists to highlight the challenges and opportunities in creating sustainable buildings, transportation, industry, clothing, music, and lifestyle in the San Diego and Southern California region. We are a group of volunteers focused on supporting regenerative ideas, technologies and processes.

We are creating podcast conversations with leaders in regenerative buildings.

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Episode 4 - 2023 Conference Launch

Join the BPM podcast team for an exciting conversation with Colleen FitzSimons from San Diego Green Building Council, and Adria Fox from C4GS-ZedLife. The San Diego Green Building Conference and Expo, hosted on 10/27/2023 is partnering with the World Woman Foundation Sustainability Forum, hosted on 10/26/2023 - for 2 exciting days of sustainability content here in San Diego!

Both leaders share how this partnership came about, what they're excited to see at the events, and some of the change they are working towards.

More event information can be found here:

World Woman Foundation Sustainability Forum:

If you have the chance to attend either event, look for our BPM hosts and join us to share your insight as part of the 'street edition' recordings of this podcast!

This episode's hosts are CC Roque and Ravi Bajaj

Meet the Committee:

Current Committee Members

  • John Ambert, AIA, NCARB, LEED BD+C
  • Ravi Bajaj, WELL AP, LEED AP+
  • Josh Dean, CEM, LEED AP O+M
  • Colleen FitzSimons, PMP, LEED BD+C/ID+C, GPR
  • CC Roque, LFA, LEED AP BD+C

How do I get involved?

Reach out to us at [email protected] and we'll make sure you know about upcoming events and opportunities to participate! We are happy to hear from you if you have some expertise you would like to share with our podcast audience.

Past Podcasts

Episode 3 - Zero Waste Retail We have an exciting conversation with the owners and leaders of three amazing organizations: the Nada Shop, Mighty Bin, and Refill Pantry. The conversation focuses on these three certified CA Green Businesses and Zero Waste Retail.
Episode 2 - Water Quality Learn about surface water quality in San Diego and cross-border regions, testing and measurement technologies and advancements, water politics, and more discussion about our precious resource "blue gold" with Serge Dedina and Natalie Mladenov.
Episode 1 - Onsite Water Reuse Learn about the opportunities and challenges associated with onsite water reuse with Brook Sarson and Rosalind Hasselbeck from local company Catching H20.
Episode 0 - Introductions Hear from our hosts as they explain how the BPM podcast came about and what we can look forward to in upcoming episodes.