Try an Induction Cooktop

The Electric Home Cooktop Program is designed to support homeowners, contractors, designers and anyone who loves to cook in learning more about induction cooktops. We’re a team of volunteers, sustainability professionals, and avid home-cooks collaborating through the San Diego Green Building Council to help make this program available to the larger San Diego community.

There are many benefits for choosing an electric cooktop, including:

  • Less expensive to build and operate homes 
  • Reduced external pollution
  • Eliminates Carbon Monoxide poisoning risk 
  • Improved Health: better indoor air w/o combustion byproducts (NOx) 
  • Better backup power/water in an emergency 
  • Improved lifestyle 

Let's combat climate change, and change the way we cook. Try an induction cooktop today. You can borrow a portable induction cooktop for at least 3 weeks for free.

The Electric Home Cooktop Program