The 3-Legged Stool of Decarbonization Will Be Built Out of Mass Timber

Friday, October 27 

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The ‘Sustainable 3-legged Stool’ that balances economy, community, and the environment has been a goal out of reach for most projects that infill our cities. However, the gap in our ability to meet this often-difficult hurdle has closed dramatically with the code adoption of Tall Mass Timber. These structural systems have roughly 50% less embodied-carbon and with proper foresting approaches traps even more carbon. Learn how to effectively implement this system by recognizing and applying special considerations early in the process.


Ben Dalton

Partner at Miller Hull Partnership

Ben Dalton brings a proven ability to sift through a project’s complexities to find an elegant and meaningful design concept. Ben is passionate about bringing together different voices, amplifying the best parts of those voices, and then melding them together into a final, beautiful product. He brings himself and his experience to every project, ensuring a strong conceptual vision, but believes his strength as a curator of diverse ideas results in his best work. From Ben’s perspective, the perfect building is one that takes full advantage of its natural surroundings, doing everything to maintain a person’s physical comfort, while deeply connecting them to their place and their community. 


Justin Wei

Associate Principal at DCI Engineering

Justin Wei has a bachelor’s degree in Architectural Engineering from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and is a licensed Structural Engineer in California. He has been working in the industry for over 18yrs; over that time he has worked on wide range of projects from single-family residential to high-rise and wide range of materials from post-tensioned concrete to mass timber.  


Jeffery Troutman

Associate at Miller Hull Partnership

Jeff Troutman values a collaborative design process that carefully considers conceptual, programmatic, environmental, and constructability aspects of a project. Delicately balancing these elements in each design, he continuously strives to evoke a resolved, poetic, and innovative composition that enriches and fits within its surroundings. Joining Miller Hull in 2014, Jeff’s portfolio is representative of a wide variety of project types and scales including Parco, the Del Mar Civic Center, and the San Diego Children’s Park renovation. 


October 27, 2023 at 3:00pm - 4pm

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