SDG&E Century Park - Building 1

SDG&E integrates sustainable design into its facilities. The tenant improvement project opened the building up for single tenant use and improved the overall look and feel for SDG&E employees. Notable features in this tenant improvement are reducing energy use and enhancing indoor environmental quality. The layout and design features increase natural light to all employees through centered conference rooms, low panel workstations, skylights, and glass railing. Natural light coupled with daylighting settings on light fixtures will save a significant amount of energy. The HVAC distribution system was fully redesigned to support the new floor plan. Additional installations include a control system connected to the campus and light-blocking window shades for efficiency on sunny days. The breakrooms were consolidated on the first floor with a folding wall exterior door system to bring employees off their desks and encourage them to eat their lunch outside. All new construction or tenant improvements at SDG&E facilities larger than 10,000 sq. ft. are required to pursue LEED Silver or higher.

This project has received a Merit Award for Registered LEED ID+C at the 2020 SDGBC Sustainability Awards.

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