Perkins and Will Sponsor Spotlight

A Conversation with Devin Kleiner, Director of Regenerative Design, Associate Principal

In this edition of our Sustainability Spotlight, we had the pleasure of chatting with Devin, the Sustainability Director at Perkins and Will. Devin shared insights into the diverse range of sustainability and community development projects undertaken by Perkins and Will, shedding light on their commitment to creating a positive impact in San Diego and beyond.

Image Credits: Franklin Antonio Hall, Copyright: Perkins and Will Architects

Projects in Sustainability and Community Development:

Let's delve into the sustainability and community development projects at Perkins and Will. Could you share details about some of the ongoing projects and their contributions to creating a more sustainable and vibrant community?

Perkins and Will: We're excited about our involvement in various projects, and one notable example is the Pepper Canyon West student housing project for UCSD. It's a massive undertaking with a focus on sustainability, offering 1300 beds and emphasizing community building and landscape integration. Additionally, we're working on the Town Centre View project, targeting LEED Gold, and its regenerative landscape approach exemplifies our commitment to holistic sustainability at a campus scale.

Impressive projects! Can you provide highlights of a few recently completed projects and their sustainability achievements?

Image Credits: I3 Illumnia Campus, Copyright: Perkins and Will Architects

Certainly! We recently completed the LEED Platinum I3 Illumina project, covering 625,000 sq ft. Another noteworthy achievement is the LEED Gold Centre for Novel Therapeutics, spanning 37,000 sq ft. Lastly, Franklin Antonio Hall on UCSD's campus, achieving LEED Platinum for its 189,000 sq ft, showcases our commitment to sustainability in San Diego.

Image Credits: Center For Novel Therapeutics, Copyright: Perkins and Will Architects

ILFI Project and Sustainable Materials:

Image Credits: Design Approach to Living Design Diagram, Copyright: Perkins and Will Architects

Let's shift focus to Perkins and Will's ILFI Project. Could you tell us more about it and why you chose ILFI certification over others?

Our ILFI project is a petal certification pursuit focusing on materials, aiming to avoid red-list materials and enhance energy efficiency. We chose ILFI for its educational value, allowing us to learn and apply sustainable practices in our own space.

From a materials perspective, what's your favorite sustainable material to work with right now?

Sustainably harvested wood is a passion for us, especially when sourced responsibly. Whether used structurally or as exterior cladding, it brings a unique and comforting biophilic design element to spaces.

Image Credits: Project Trend Micro, Copyright Perkins and Will Architects

Community Connections:

How is Perkins and Will connected to the San Diego region and communities? Can you share your favorite aspects of connecting with different communities?

Our connection with SDGBC and involvement in AIA's Environmental Code Committee, with representation from Tina Angeles, showcases our commitment to the local community. We are deeply engaged in pro-bono work, fostering connections with communities like Mary's Place in Seattle, and supporting women in need. Additionally, our strong ties with universities emphasize mentorship, internships, and leveraging research expertise for positive community impact.

It's inspiring to see such a multifaceted approach to community engagement. Lastly, what excites Perkins and Will about collaborating with SDGBC, and what values do you share?

We find alignment with SDGBC's vision, particularly in pillars like Decarbonization, Water Reuse, Health and Wellness, and Equity. SDGBC serves as a valuable partner, facilitating regional initiatives, knowledge sharing, and innovation, echoing our mission to inspire enduring philanthropy and community solutions.


In this insightful conversation with Devin from Perkins and Will, we explored their impactful sustainability initiatives, commitment to community development, and their exciting collaboration with SDGBC. To learn more about Perkins and Will's sustainable projects, visit Perkins and Will's Life Approach to Living Design.

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