BNIM San Diego office

From BNIM Website: Located in San Diego’s East Village, BNIM’s new office space quadruples the firm’s space and addresses its rapid growth and expansion in the San Diego region. The 4,900 SF office provides three zones: social gathering and event space with an open work café that is the heart of the space; collaborative space with six meeting areas, each one providing a different type of meeting environment; and focused space where employees, all on laptops, can work in a benching environment or smaller “focus” rooms. BNIM sought to create a workplace that would act as a laboratory for testing principles related to the firm’s expertise in human-purposed design and the design of resilient workplaces. After move-in, employees wore bracelets that sense the impact of daylight on their performance and vital signs. The results of this project are being evaluated as part of a research partnership with the Salk Institute to test the effects of daylight on human health and wellbeing.

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