Elevating the Human Experience with Biophilic Design Utilizing Modular Construction


Friday, October 21 

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This session will focus on the occupant experience developed in the design process which embraces biophilic principles to promote health and wellness. The design for this project utilized several strategies which elevate the human experience through social interactions starting at the street level with the entry courtyards, within the elevated roof gardens and with the community garden on the upper level.

We'll explore a few case study modular housing developments under construction and in design in San Diego which includes the El Cerrito Housing Development and the Newton Ave Housing Developments. The design for the El Cerrito mixed use development which includes 146 residential units over a parking structure and ground floor behavioral health clinic which will be operated by Family Health Centers of San Diego. The design embraces the use of single use recycled shipping containers as a rigorous module in its five levels of housing on the upper floors which will be prefabricated modular units constructed off site. The residential units are organized to shape a series on roof courtyards to promote social connections for the residents. The courtyards open up to the north to allow for the prevailing northwest breezes to flow into the site and to scale down the façade along the north into smaller massing blocks to respond to the surrounding residential context. The integration of landscape with architecture embraces biophilia in connecting people with nature to promote health and wellness. High performance centralized systems and renewable energy systems are integrated into the design to achieve a 86.6% reduction per AIA 2030. The use of modular construction innovates at every step of the delivery model from design, documentation, permitting to construction in promoting a lean delivery process in reducing the overall schedule.




Matthew Porreca

Design Director

Matthew has more than 25 years of experience leading integrated design teams that have produced award-winning, high-performance buildings. As design director, Matthew emphasizes a collaborative approach that looks for innovative solutions to complex issues. He leads design charrettes, facilitates discussions with the core team and stakeholders, and helps establish the design direction for the project. His expertise extends to functional design, technical integration, use of innovative materials, long-range scheduling and overall project management.

Matthew’s influence can be found on large-scale office and civic projects around the country, including intricate corporate campuses and iconic museum and performing arts facilities. On every project, he looks for innovative ways to develop better performing buildings with healthier environments. He has led the design of several net-zero projects and won awards for his efforts to develop buildings that     save energy through passive and natural strategies. Matthew was the founding co-chair of the Living Building Collaborative in San Diego.


Matt Winter

AIA Director of Mixed Use

Matt is the Director of Mixed-Use at LPA and has over 20 years of experience. He has experience in developing a wide range of housing typologies across the State of California with a deep understanding of emerging trends and project delivery models. His approach to understanding building efficiencies and modular design provides additional expertise to many projects. He believes the direction of design should reflect the needs of the client with practical solutions tailored to a specific sites, which leverages emerging trends in housing design and construction.






October 21, 2022 at 1:15pm - 2:15pm

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