SDGBC Advocates for Our Future

It may not be obvious, but the San Diego Green Building Council (SDGBC) is continuously advocating for all things sustainability. Sometimes it may be behind the scenes or in ways that are not always visible, but our staff, Board and members are doing all they can to make sure our environment and our communities are as green as possible.

For example, this year SDGBC has signed on to 15 letters of support/opposition with our environmental champion partners including the San Diego Building Electrification Coalition and San Diego Green New Deal Alliance. Being members of coalitions like these allows our organization to advocate for a more sustainable built environment. Our staff, Board and members also volunteer for a number of local advocacy organizations like SanDiego350, Tree San Diego and San Diego Coastkeeper which helps increase our impact.

Another way we advocate is to provide opportunities for the community to see sustainability in action. SDGBC hosts events such as the Green Homes Tour and the Green Apple Day of Service.  These events allow all of us to see cutting edge technology and also participate in the implementation of sustainable practices. The idea is that we and our community members will be inspired by what we see and learn and implement these practices in our own projects, homes and communities.

Although what we do in the advocacy circles may not be seen by all, it is happening, and we are very proud of what we and our partners have accomplished to make our built environment more sustainable, including all-electric reach codes in Encinitas and Solana Beach, fighting for more impactful regional climate action plans and demanding Environmental Justice. Your support allows SDGBC to continue in our advocacy journey as we work towards a more sustainable future in San Diego and beyond.

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