DPR Construction - San Diego office

From DPR website: DPR, acting as owner, client and design/builder, completed a 33,600-sq.-ft. multi-tenant office building remodel, transforming a typical San Diego suburban office building into a cutting-edge facility that respects the environment, as well as DPR's people and culture. The building was the first commercial building to achieve LEED new-construction Platinum in San Diego. It also achieved net-zero energy status by incorporating natural ventilation, daylighting, efficient HVAC and lighting systems, and renewable energy via the “Sustainable Communities” program. The DPR office contains 11 conference rooms including the circular Delta Room and a large training area, a 16-person video-conference room, and a space dedicated to building information modeling technology. In addition, the open office features 14-ft. exposed ceilings. Scrims, which were designed to resemble the sail of boats, hang from the ceiling to diffuse light."

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