Make ESG Work for You


Wednesday November 1, 2023 | 11:00AM - 1:00PM | Zoom

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ESG – Environmental, Social, Governance. This term is caught up in the public, sustainability circles, across industries and various investment types. Yet, at its core can be a universal strategy to expand risk management and analysis to include environmental, social and governance factors.  

As it relates to the built environment, ESG can be further narrowed to a cohesive set of programs, policies, materiality and performance metrics. Join us for an informative session outlining what ESG means for stakeholders working with the built environment, and how long-term energy and carbon strategies, among other efficiency programs, can be implemented and adopted. Our moderated panel discussion includes two panelists directly involved in ESG from the Real Estate Investment side, and one materials representative. Join us for insight into some strategies that support ESG and long-term energy goals, and understand how different stakeholders can get involved and support organizational success throughout the life cycle of our buildings and communities.

Seminar Highlights:

  • Understand what ESG is, and how it relates to the built environment

  • Review and introduce key metrics for ESG programs for buildings and infrastructure

  • Introduce some examples for ESG programs and materiality discussions

  • Understand how energy efficiency, net zero energy, electrification and decarbonization fit into the larger ESG picture

Target Audience:

  • Building Owners

  • Property Managers

  • Facility Managers and Building Engineers

  • Contractors

  • Design Engineers and Architects

  • Manufacturers

  • Workplace Management

  • Developers

Learning Level: Intermediate



Ravi Bajaj

Ravi is a Principal for Citadel’s ESG & Sustainability Practice area – overseeing ESG consulting, WELL Performance Testing, and IEQ sampling for sustainability and health & wellbeing building certification programs. Mr. Bajaj is focused on quality, client service and education, and helping clients with continuous improvement programs. He has experience in collaborative project management with GRESB, WELL, LEED, BREEAM In-Use, Fitwel, and Living Building Challenge rating systems, direct experience with WELL PV and BREEAM In-Use assessments, as well as energy and water consumption data acquisition, tracking, and analysis


Jenny Whitson 

Jenny Whitson is Director of Sustainability & ESG for IQHQ, a premier life sciences real estate investment trust. She has over 16+ years of sustainability experience focused on the built environment for projects in the private and public sector including commercial, transportation, aviation, mission critical, themed entertainment, municipal buildings, water treatment facilities, and K-12 markets. She is responsible for the corporate ESG and sustainable development initiatives across IQHQ’s portfolio in San Diego, San Francisco, Boston, and the UK.


Denise Colestock Tamez

Denise Colestock Tamez is a Senior Account Manager for Milliken & Company. She is a culture change maker! Using textiles with texture, color and pattern, she helps create spaces that inspire building occupants while prioritizing human health and environmental responsibility. She does business development for the commercial carpet division of Milliken & Co. in San Diego County, and works with the architecture and design community to specify Milliken commercial carpet in projects that include healthcare, education, biotech, office and government. As a consultant, she partners with designers to find designs, textures and functions in my product that will best suit their space. With the world's largest private textile research facility, Milliken uses deep science, unique insights and meaningful design to tackle today's tough issues and concerns. In recent years our researchers have focused on creating innovations that eliminate waste, increase product performance, preserve resources and shorten the journey to sustainability. Innovation is the key driver to delivering products and services that are better solutions for our customers, communities, and environment.


November 01, 2023 at 11:00am - 1pm

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