C4GS-ZEDlife 2022 San Diego

Imagining a truly decarbonized future: The argument for low-cost, zero-energy, zero-waste architecture has never been timelier. Our process challenges the status quo while providing a rigorously tested and proven solution for sustainable zero-carbon, zero-waste design.

Meet Bill... a hard-working Californian - who simply wants to live in a world where energy and housing costs aren’t a third of his income. Bill loves living in California, but frankly, housing costs have had him and his family looking elsewhere in the country. Everywhere they looked in California they found high energy bills and even higher rents.

In a perfect world, Kassandra, a mother of three, imagines a life where there is a truly visionary solution for housing where the residents can take a battery powering their home, plug it into their electric bike or small solar vehicle, ride to work, and plug that same battery into their office.

And, repeat the cycle daily!

Meanwhile, the Fox Family envisions every resident in this community generating enough power to contribute economically to residential daycare, education and technical training for families, and even a training center for the green building industry, all while paying affordable rents with zero effort, zero energy bills, and minimum carbon footprint. This vision is now a reality. Our model will engage Disadvantaged Communities (DAC’s), be aesthetically pleasing to the senses, and be completely NetZero in the build phase and beyond to co-create Zero (fossil) Energy Developments or as we have affectionately come to call “The ZEDLife”.

Our builds accomplish this and more.

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