Integrating Algal Technologies in the Urban Environment for Cutting Edge Circular Economy


Friday, October 21 

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Airbuild is integrating algae into the built environment with unique positioning that allows it to act as a detoxifying medium for humanity’s activities. Algae is a natural resource proven to have amazing traits for growth, carbon dioxide sequestration, and water filtration under the right conditions and control. These conditioning and control methods present themselves in the form of engineered housings that are fastened and assembled on built environment features such as parking canopy’s, roadway sides, bridges, and buildings. Water filtration is a component that enters the conversation due to algae’s requirement to have a source of flowing water. Integrating algae growth housings into many forms of the built environment create breakthrough changes and possibilities for architecture, engineering, and design of the future.




David Gory

Founder/ Chief operations officer

David Gory (MBA Marketing & Management, BSc Mechanical Engineering) is beyond excited to play his part in the fight against climate change. He has used his knowledge and skills to partner with climate friendly individuals and work on cutting edge technology to revolutionize the fight and create a climate friendly future. At Airbuild, David is a Chief Operating Officer and is actively working to design tools and biomass management systems that will make Airbuild's market far more attractive to all stakeholders.



John Bucur


Founder/ Chief executive/ designer

John Bucur started Airbuild a few years ago with the goal to transform the built environment to be more design and human-centric. Coming from a marketing and advertising background, he is always thinking about how to change the way people think about the products they consume and how they engage with their environments. Airbuild is a combination of ideas, where his his goal is to make algae growth attractive all while making our cities and environments more accommodating for human activity.



Richard Mariita


Founder/ Chief science officer

Richard Mariita (MSc. and Ph.D. in Microbiology) has a mission of contributing towards fighting climate change and associated waterborne diseases. He has extensive Microbiology experience as demonstrated via his awards and publications. At Airbuild, Richard is the chief-scientific officer, leading the efforts to validate carbon sequestration, biomass, and water filtration efficacies of the systems we are developing using our proprietary algal technology.  



Himanshu Mohare


Founder/ Chief technology officer

Himanshu Mohare (MSc. in Mechanical Engineering, B.E in Mechanical Engineering) is continuously working towards creating carbon negative environment for smooth transition of economy and livelihood. He has tremendous mechanical engineering experience and has been designing nano particles machines for semiconductor industry. At Airbuild, he works as a chief technical officer and leading towards a system that would be able sequester carbon, increase biomass production and water filtration via algal technology.


October 21, 2022 at 9:45am - 10:45am

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