The Tiniest House

The "tiniest" house is a Research and Development project of Corona Enterprises, LLC to learn more about small footprint, ecological living. It is meant to be a Net Positive home, in other words, a home that actually has a positive impact on its surrounding environment instead of just being less harmful as most green buildings are. The steel studs are made from recycled cars, the insulation is soy-based and non-toxic, it uses a Lunos eGO heat recovery ventilator, a Neurio energy monitor to record energy usage and display it in real time, drains the greywater into the landscape to support the local vegetation, it has renewable cork flooring, tadelakt (similar to Venetian plaster) shower made from local earthen materials, some of the wood trim is reclaimed and salvaged, and the house uses passive methods as much as possible for climate control. Historically the house uses on average about 60 kWhs per month, which a normal house would use in maybe 2 days. The house won the 2017 Orange County GBC award for "Greenest Single Family Home", which is a bit unfair in my opinion, the normal "green" homes didn't stand a chance next to a tiny house. If you'd like to stay in The Tiniest House it is available for rent via Airbnb!

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